Susanne Winslade
Dressage and BioKenetics for horse & rider
    About Susanne Winslade

Susanne Winslade is a nationally recognized dressage & eventing clinician from New England. She is a former FEI level competitor and a passionate instructor.  She strives to craft the best individual approach to present classical concepts in order to create a happy horse and rider pair.  

Since discovering the art of Dressage as a young adult she has worked to unlock it's mysteries ever since. In that pursuit, she spent many years with two of the most respected dressage instructors in the country:
Michael Poulin and Kathy Connelly. Under the tutelage of the latter, Sue competed and trained to F.E.I. on the Westfalian stallion, North Star. She was one of three equestrians from New England to be selected for the Violet Hopkins Instructors Clinic at the Violet Hopkins Dressage Institute in Michigan.

One of the first Dressage Specialty Examiners in the country, Susanne is a, now retired, Level IV National Examiner for the United States Pony Club.  While she is versed in many disciplines; teaching eventers, hunters, western riders and even a driving student- classical dressage principles are at the root of it all.  She feels an ongoing responsibility to preserve the art of classical dressage implementing the training scale as the basis of progress and health for all horses

Available for clinics of many different styles 
Contact: Susanne Winslade(603) 986-4059
"Good contact is like
holding hands
with someone you love."  
Sue W.
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